Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors

BK25 Smart – Pallet Roller Conveyor

BK25 Smart pallet roller conveyor are designed to handle everything from pallets and drums to work-in-process containers. They are built to resist heat, dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Smooth transportation is provided through the contact between pallet and roller. Guide flanges on the supporting rollers ensure that the pallets do not move sideways on the conveyor.

Model T5 – Pallet Chain Conveyor

T5 pallet chain conveyors are designed for operational reliability. They are solidly built and require minimal maintenance. Chain conveyors are used when the bottom of the load can be bridged across its width. Two, three and four strands of chain are offered for positive load location and transport.

CNN Pallet Conveyor

The newly developed CNN Pallet Conveyor is a chain-driven design, purpose built for flexibility and lower setup costs. This new concept utilises a single drive for the takeaway conveyor and the primary transfer, thereby saving the costs associated with the additional drive required in a standard pallet turntable. CNN Pallet Conveyor is designed to be an economical solution specifically for use with pallets weighing less than 1,000kgs

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