Rack Safety Inspections & Repairs

Rack Safety Inspections & Repairs

Colby Central treats safety as a top priority. Not only do we supply the highest quality equipment, we back it with RackMAN Certification.

As a further service, we offer regular Rack Safety Inspections to review and inspect your system for damage and make recommendations to repair any damage and bring your system back to new.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations are continually applying more responsibility to business owners and management to carry out self-assessment of the safety risks in their workplaces.

One safety aspect that is commonly neglected in warehouses is the inspection of pallet racking. Faulty or damaged pallet racking can result in serious accidents affecting property and people.

The Australian Standard stresses the importance of ensuring that pallet-racking installations continue to be both serviceable and safe. The main hazards that require attention are:

  • Physical damage to racking
  • Mis-alignment of racking
  • Looseness of floor fittings
  • Suitability of forklift trucks
  • Weight of stored goods versus capacity of racking system

Recognising the commitment of business’ to comply with OH&S standards, our experienced operations team is equipped to carry out all repairs to pallet racking including:

  • A visual inspection* of your pallet racks at all relevant sites
  • A comprehensive report detailing the nature and location of any faults detected
  • Recommended action for each fault detected to ensure that both serviceability and safety of the pallet racking is maintained.
  • A quotation for costs associated with carrying out the rectifications required

*As rack inspections are generally carried out from floor level with racks loaded, Colby Central accepts no responsibility or liability for the structural integrity and/or faults/defects not sighted due to racks being loaded and/or visually obstructed at time of inspection. The structural integrity of any rack can only be ascertained if the rack is fully unloaded.

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